Sexy dosen’t mean being naked!

Written by Kawan Aashuq

Should you as a female be able to dress like you want to? Yes! I’m a firm believer dress how you feel, but will dressing like you feel make you sexy and desirable or will it make you a target? I look around in 2018 and realize that females aren’t as concerned with the message they’re sending more than the Sex that is being exuded by their clothing.

I applaud my sisters for their creativity and Beauty. However, in this Political Climate especially with the “Me 2” movement it is becoming harder and harder for us to continue to promote ourselves safely. Too add insult to energy this generation is Super Over sexualized. People are not looking for relationships of substance but sexual benefits.

My main concern is sisters start being Sexy without being Hoeish. What you see in your mirror might not be what a rappist or someone with an agenda sees. We are a target mainly because we are one of the most beautiful beings on Earth. So, ladies honor your temples inside and out. Teach your young ladies from babies to respect themselves …Sexy doesn’t mean being Naked it’s a mental thing. Exude it from your aura and it will be captured in its Essence……..


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