Is Kanye Your God?

Written by Emmitt Courtney

These days, I find myself feeling more like Killmonger when he fought T’challa for the throne in Black Panther; just angry, upset, and appalled at just how the American people have fallen under the allure and charisma of false idols who call themselves kings. I gaze over the several bodily elements of America in disgust while it slowly bleeds out and ask all of you, “ARE THESE YOUR GOD’S?!”

This article was originally supposed to be directed only at Kanye West, but upon reflecting the several cryptic elements concerning Kanye, I realized we as a society have a much bigger problem than just him. Kanye is but merely a symptom for our obsession with celebrities. I don’t know if you have ever seen Dave Chappelle’s “For What It’s Worth” standup special, but he hit the nail on the head when he hilariously discussed our worship of Hollywood stars. But it has gotten out of control, and the driving engine behind this derailed route to sense and practicality is definitely social media. Kanye epitomizes this social hysteria as it exists today. He is a by-product as well as a perpetrator of this digital dynamic that has dampened our synapses.

Through this platform, those who have seemingly achieved the American Dream already are the ones that everyone aspires to be on some level. Their success in their specific craft or crafts has given them the type of exposure and status that somehow merits a deeper and mystique like understanding of all things without accreditation . That somehow their talent, and popularity among groups of people, automatically transcends their human limitations to another level of wisdom. The parody of American democracy in the White House yesterday with Kanye and Trump is more than just shameful and embarrassingly laughable; it augments my point how we have romanticized the illusion of a fantacism as a means of guidance.

Two celebrities (three if you count Jim Brown there) one of whom is our POTUS; engaged in a conversation of absolute nonsense and drivel. I have no idea what a “super hat” has to do with prison reform, and news flash Kanye, the hat doesn’t actually make anyone stronger.

On God, let me catch one of yall with a fitted MAGA hat and some Timbs…

Kanye clearly has a mental disorder, yet he has a stage and voice that drowns out others because he is famous for music. For the number of people writing him off, trust me when I say there are dozens who are hanging onto his every word like a religion, but let a homeless man be out on the street in Chicago with the exact same ramblings, and no one would care and no one would record him (which is the 2018 way of caring about things).

Kayne is just a man; these Hollywood Stars and even politicians are just human beings that probably have more flaws than you do. They have no sacred knowledge anymore than what they have read and researched. Per his own infamous rant, Ye ain’t got all the answers! So let’s stop acting like he does.

Let him make shoes…just shoes.

These are not your God’s! Let’s not be swayed and motivated politically by somebody with a musical prowess, but historical ignorance. Or financial literacy but human indecency. Trump knows what I know, that social media today is the key to hearts and minds, because where else can you give and receive so much information at the literal touch of a button? We are being overloaded with information without having the time or patience to process it all for what it really is.

We have gotten away from logic and replaced it with prevalence; the need to be seen and heard, and putting devout trust into those who only exploit your zealous nature through a platform that connects us, whether we like it or not. Pretty much like a legal drug that is given to everyone and everyone has different reactions, but Kanye’s reactions are just flat out nonsensical and he actually needs medicine to balance himself out.

Kanye is not your God, your “Yeezus”, or anybody else beyond your own realm of existence. We are literally entertaining a man with a mental illness, and it’s not some divine power of knowledge; it’s a blabbering narcissist that doesn’t even have the discipline to research his own talking points and is in love with the sound of the soliloquy of his broken mind. Stop giving him a platform that will only embed his ignorance and need to grasp for attention. He is just a human, and so are you. But regardless Kanye, you gotta hold this L for your spectacle of a show in the Whitehouse; please get the limelight off this man ASAP.

Hold that Ye

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